Photo of Eric Douglas Pratt

Hi there, I'm Eric Douglas Pratt.

I'm a driven software professional with 17 years of web development experience seeking to combine my strong background in open web technologies with a passion for the power of small teams to produce products with unrivaled end-to-end user experiences.

17 years of front-end web development experience

From playing with HTML tables in 7th grade to learning standards-based CSS during my first internship to getting into some serious JavaScript with Yahoo UI, jQuery, and Sencha Touch, I have a deep and enduring relationship with the open web.

Helped lead effort to deploy Scrum methodology at Pegasystems

Chairing the biweekly Scrum Community meeting gave me an acute understanding of what works in software development and what doesn't. Open communication and a willingness to identify and remove impediments are key.

Ran effective CSS and JavaScript training academy at Isobar

My combination of a brief topic introduction, fun real-world exercise, and self-guided instructions quickly became a popular and effective program for sharing knowledge and building confidence among our front-end development team.