A particular set of skills

I've been playing around in the HTML/CSS/JS world pretty consistently since 1997. Currently, I'm having a blast using React, Redux, and Redux Form on an enterprise-grade web app. My additional specialties are in responsive web design with standards-based CSS and SASS, following accessibility standards like WCAG and Section 508, and quickly learning whatever library or technology I need to in order to craft a lightning-quick, easy-to-use, beautiful experience for our end users.

Outside the office

Fitness and nutrition are a big passion of mine. I follow a delicious, healthful, mostly plant-based diet and have an undying love for the food at Cambridge restaurant Life Alive. Nitro coldbrew from phenomenal third-wave coffee shops like Gracenote Boston keeps me happy, energized, and crazy productive. The workout program that finally unlocked in me a sustainable enthusiasm for getting fit and strong was created by Australian trainer Kayla Itsines. I continue to follow her program (in addition to yoga, running, and calisthenics) and help lead the Boston meetup group for her fitness community.

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